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About us

Upstream Environmental LLC is a professional storm water post construction management company, and is partnered with a registered engineering firm in the State of Texas.

Upstream Environmental is owned and operated in the State of Texas and takes pride in building a long and special relationship with our clients, providing a source of expertise and the ability to perform maintenance required to keep them in regulatory compliance with The City of Houston, Harris County & Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

Our inspectors, and the BMP installers have attended training programs, including seminars, trade shows, site inspections, testing, and regulatory audits, to become familiar with local, state, and federal requirements.

Our services

Upstream Environmental currently provides the following services:

  • Stormwater Quality permit renewals, site inspections, and maintenance of erosion and sediment controls
  • Detention pond rehabilitation, inspection and maintenance of all SWQ features
  • Maintenance of stabilized areas including drainage channels, ponds, and developments
  • Seeding and stabilization of lots, ponds, and right-of-ways
  • State of Texas Professional Engineering Services
  • Representation and interface with all regulatory agencies

Please give us a call at (832) 447-9537 to schedule a free on-site inspection and consultation.